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Travel Registry & Policies

Faculty & Staff Travel Registry

Faculty and staff traveling internationally on TCU business or using TCU funds must register their travel in the Global TCU Travel Registry. This includes all international travel supported by TCU, including conferences, research, creative activities, study abroad, teaching, training, recruitment, etc. Please do not register personal or other non-TCU travel.

Administrative Assistants can register travel on behalf of other TCU faculty or staff here.

Register a New Trip Edit an Existing Trip


Traveling with Students?

If you are a faculty or staff member traveling internationally with students, you must also follow the required steps for Traveling with Students abroad.


Policy on Travel Warnings & Alerts

In January 2018, the U.S. Department of State replaced Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts with Travel Advisories for each country in the world. These Travel Advisories include four levels of safety and security risk.

Current TCU policy is based on Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts. While new policy is moving through the approval process, the Center for International Studies (CIS) will liaise with appropriate administrators to obtain approval for proposed travel to areas of heighten concern. Faculty and staff should feel free to contact the CIS with any questions or concerns.

Learn more about the new system and view a complete list of Travel Advisories at, including detailed information about safety and security factors that may impact your travel plans, as well as State Department recommendations for your proposed travel location.


Per Diem Policy & Rates

Faculty and staff traveling internationally on a Center for International Studies program and those colleges that have opted into the policy (Business, Education, Honors, Liberal Arts, and Science & Engineering) will utilize a per diem rate for meals and incidental travel expenses abroad. Review the Per Diem Policy and Rates.