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Travel Registry

Employees traveling internationally on TCU business or using TCU funds must register their travel in the Global TCU Travel Registry. This includes all international travel supported by TCU, including conferences, research, creative activities, study abroad, teaching, training, recruitment, etc. Please do not register personal or other non-TCU travel.

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Travel Registry FAQs

Who needs to register?

All TCU employees traveling internationally on TCU business or using TCU funds. Do not register personal travel.

Why should I register?

Because it’s required by TCU, but also because it verifies your coverage with TCU’s international insurance and global assistance provider, On Call International.

When do I need to register?

Prior to spending funds for your trip.

What information will I need to register?

Your dates, cities, accommodation information, and phone number.

Can I edit my plans if they change?

Yes, click “Edit an Existing Trip” to access a list of all your previous Global TCU applications.

Should students register here?

No, this registry is only for TCU employees. Students should apply to specific programs and activities.

Can an assistant register my travel?

Yes, administrative assistants can register travel on behalf of other TCU faculty or staff.

Should I register personal travel?

No, this registry is only for TCU-sponsored international travel.



Contact Jesica Severson for questions or assistance with technical difficulties