International Education

Where can I learn more about international education?

I want to take a group of students abroad. What do I need to do?

What resources does the Center for International Studies have to help me design a study abroad program?

Is there funding available to develop study abroad programs?

I have a great opportunity for a partnership abroad. How can I develop a formal agreement between our institutions?

Advising Students

How do study abroad credits work?

How do I know what courses to approve for study abroad?

How do I advise a student who wants to apply to a program not listed on your website?

Are scholarships available for study abroad students?

I know a great international program for TCU students. How can I get it approved?

International Travel

Am I covered by health insurance while abroad?

What is the Global TCU Travel Registry? And who needs to register?

I have heard I will use per diem rates for meals abroad on my reimbursement. Where can I find that information?