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Committee Members

College or AreaMemberTerm Expires
Neeley School of BusinessDr. Laura MeadeMay 2018
Bob Schieffer College of CommunicationDr. Chip StewartMay 2020
College of EducationOpen
College of Fine ArtsDr. Janace BuboniaMay 2019
John V. Roach Honors CollegeDr. Diane SnowMay 2019
AddRan College of Liberal ArtsDr. Ralph Carter May 2018
Harris College of Nursing & Health SciencesDr. Chris WattsMay 2020
College of Science & EngineeringDr. Mike MisamoreMay 2018
University ProgramsDr. Joanne GreenMay 2020
Associate Provost for Academic AffairsDr. Leo Munson
Undergraduate CouncilDr. Michael Butler
Center for International Studies Dr. Sandra CallaghanChair
Center for International StudiesDr. Tracy WilliamsEx-officio