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The Center for International Studies is responsible for managing much of the university’s international programming, both on and off campus. This includes:

  • Study Abroad, a diverse array of credit-bearing semester, summer, and short-term programs in 54 countries around the world
  • The TCU Global Academy, bringing together NGOs, communities, TCU faculty, and students to explore global issues and solutions
  • The Frost Foundation Lectureship for Global Issues, a lecture series dedicated to broadening international understanding by showcasing diverse cultural points of view
  • Discovering Global Citizenship, a campus-wide initiative on comprehensive internationalization, which won the 2015 Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education and the 2017 Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization

Our work is based upon research and best practices in international education, and our office is recognized by the Forum on Education Abroad for meeting quality standards of study abroad.

Our mission is to empower students to face global realities by providing quality international learning experiences which foster the following global competencies:

  • Global Knowledge: examination of global and intercultural issues from multiple perspectives
  • Global Mindedness: appreciation for differences and respect for human dignity
  • Global Engagement: participation in reciprocal and appropriate interactions with culturally-different others

The Global Realities we face today are complex and multifaceted, and addressing these realities will take global knowledge, global mindedness, and global engagement. We invite you to learn more about the Global Realities which frame our work.