On Campus Courses

Classes typically meet once a week during the fall/spring semesters. Courses are also offered during the various summer terms.

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Online Courses

Beyond the classroom, MLA students may enroll in online courses. With the development of the MLA Online Program, students may matriculate through the entire program electronically.

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The Master of Liberal Arts Program publishes course descriptions for each semester. Courses preceded by an asterisk (*) have been designated as “Perspectives on Society” core courses.

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Why Take A New Course

Students often complain that they had so many required courses and structured degree plans as undergraduates that they were not able to take many of the courses that really interested them.

If you want to satisfy your curiosity and broaden your knowledge, take a new course to the Master of Liberal Arts Program at Texas Christian University.

The MLA Program is a multidisciplinary program that offers a wide range of educational opportunities to students of diverse educational backgrounds. If you are interested in culture and the American cinema, parapsychology, or the American West, we have a wide range of courses that you will find culturally enriching and intellectually challenging.

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Prospective distance learning students who will not reside in Texas

The United States Department of Education(USDOE) published regulations in the Federal Register (Chapter 34, § 600.9(c)) that require all institutions of higher education to seek authorization in every state (and territory) in which they operate, physically or virtually, in order to maintain eligibility for federal financial aid. TCU's authorization status can be viewed by state at http://www.cte.tcu.edu/distance-learning/distance-learning-state-authorization/

We can ONLY accept students from states where we are registered (showing in purple on the state-authorization map).