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Rwanda at TCU

They may be separated by more than 8,000 miles, but TCU and Rwanda are growing closer every day.
— “The TCU-Rwanda Connection,” TCU Magazine

In 2014, TCU along with four TCU students from Rwanda participated in the 20th commemoration of the genocide. Virtual Voyage simultaneously brought together individuals in Rwanda with students on TCU’s Texas campus and a delegation of TCU students at the international commemoration in Washington D.C.
— “2015 Heiskell Award Winner: Internationalizing the Campus, TCU,” Institute of International Education

TCU Commemorating the Genocide against the Tutsi

They were the ones who survived.

Now, 20 years later, they were telling their stories and remembering the loved ones they lost in the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed more than a million lives.
— “Remembering,” TCU Magazine

Yannick Tona and Zach Siegert met through a TCU Intensive English program and became fast friends. Eventually, Siegert met the Tona family.
— “Crossing Borders,” TCU Magazine

Yvonne Umugwaneza, left, and Sister Esperance, right, both of Rwanada, pose for a photo in the TCU Intensive English Program Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014.

Once Rwandan women got a taste of power, they did not stop. Today, women comprise over half of Rwanda’s parliament. Rwanda is the first country to have a female majority in its legislature.
— “Filmmaker: Women had no rights in Rwanda,” TCU Magazine

Patrick Rutikanga, Recipient of the 2016-2017 TCU Wilkens Award

Claudine Mukanyamwasa, Recipient of the 2015-2016 TCU Wilkens Award

Johnson Mutibagirana, Recipient of the 2014-2015 TCU Wilkens Award

Yvonne Umugwaneza, Recipient of the 2013-2014 TCU Wilkens Award

Yannick Tona, Recipient of the 2012-2013 TCU Wilkens Award


The TCU Carl & Teresa Wilkens Award:

An overview of the TCU Wilkens Award Terms and Conditions for the current year can be found here:wilkensawardtermscond2015-16pdf.


TCU Rwanda Student Committee (ad hoc)

TCU Rwanda Advisory Committee (ad hoc)

TCU 360 campus news articles on Rwanda

TCU and Bridge2Rwanda

TCU and the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur, Western Province


KWIBUKA 21: Twenty-one years of remembering

APRIL 7, 2015 – TCU Rwanda Student Committee participates in the USA National Commemoration of the Genocide Against the Tutsi, with the Rwanda Embassy and the Rwanda community in America

APRIL 8, 2015

6:30pm – 9:00pm – (Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 4)

TCU Rwanda Student Committee, TCU Discovering Global Citizenship, and TCU Kinamondo present the film Shake Hands with the Devil

APRIL 9, 2015

2pm – 3:30pm – BLUU Auditorium

“Rwanda: Women Leadership, Social Justice, Race Reconciliation, Education, English, Economics, Safety, Happiness” A Moderated Panel Discussion with Rwanda Experts:

HE Ambassador Prof. Dr. Mathilde Mukantabana
Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman, legal academic political scientist, co-founder of Rwanda’s Public Library
Ms. Naomi Benaron, author of Running the Rift, a novel
Sister Charles Marie Serafino, Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur Western Province.

3:30pm – 4:30pm – BLUU Auditorium Atrium


4:45pm – 5:45pm –

Guest Dinner with TCU Rwanda Students

6pm – 8:00pm – BLUU Auditorium


Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman, legal academic political scientist, co-founder of Rwanda’s Public Library
Ms. Naomi Benaron, author of Running the Rift, a novel

HE Ambassador Prof. Mathilde Mukantabana

Sister Charles Marie Serafino, Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur Western Province.

Johnson Mutibagirana, TCU student recipient of the 2014-2015 Carl & Teresa Wilkens Award

Candlelight Vigil

APRIL 27, 2015 –

A conversation with extraordinary people who lived through the 1994 genocide in Rwanda:

Carl Wilkens
Sister Charles Marie Serafino
Yannick Tona
Yvonne Umugwaneza
Johnson Mutibagirana

MAY 23 – 24, 2015

“Rwanda Youth Forum” (live stream)
Rwanda Embassy

H. E. President Paul Kagame addressing 500+ Rwanda youths on TCU campus and in the Kigali Public Library

MAY 29, 2015
“Collaborating for Peace, Justice, and Social Engagement: Rwanda and U.S. Universities, IEPs, and NGOs,”
NAFSA: Association of International Educators (handouts: Collaborating for Peace, Justice, and Social Engagement. Rwanda and U.S. Universities, IEPs, and NGOs; slides.Overview.Objectives; NAFSA.B2R; Bridge2Rwanda Handout).

JUNE 17, 2015

H. E. President Paul Kagame addresses the audience (video). TCU Magazine article on The Uncondemed.


AUGUST 6, 2015

The Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, authorizes Infection Disease Prevention and Control Training led by Dr. Mary Foley, USCF, with Dr. John Podgore, UNTHSC, Dr. Giri Akkaraju, Texas Christian University, and others (organized by Global Engagement Institute)

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 


OCTOBER 6, 2015 

NOVEMBER 17, 2015 

JANUARY 20-21, 2016 

Rwanda: Four Women Who Stood Up for Justice and the Attorneys Who Won Their Case