University Programs Make the Difference

  • STUDY ABROAD: Discover Award-Winning Programming.

  • INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM: Practice English with native speakers.

  • RANCH MANAGEMENT: Shaping the Future of Agriculture Asset Management.

  • MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTS: The Master of Liberal Arts has 49 online courses.

  • WOMEN & GENDER STUDIES: Promotes inquiry into the intersections of gender with other identity categories; the workings of power in society; and the means of advancing social justice and equality.

  • INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM: IEP student Yannick Tona.

  • MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTS: Offers graduate level education in the broad areas of liberal studies.

  • STUDY ABROAD: Explore TCU’s International Programs.

  • RANCH MANAGEMENT: Jeff Geider, Director of the Institute of Ranch Management.

  • WOMEN & GENDER STUDIES: Puts women, gender, and sexuality at the center of academic investigation.

  • MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTS: The Master of Liberal Arts has 98 on campus courses.

  • RANCH MANAGEMENT: Institute of Ranch Management Panama Exchange.

  • WOMEN & GENDER STUDIES: Fosters feminist and interdisciplinary analysis across social, historical, cultural, and global contexts, products, and practices.

  • STUDY ABROAD: Engage in International Studies.

  • INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM: Learn English in small, diverse classes.

Crossing boundaries between colleges and schools, to offer a broad collection of unique, flexible academic experiences with multi- and inter-disciplinary curricula that advocate global citizenship and ethical leadership.